22 Feb 2014

A magical morning!

Dexter was three on 13th February. It was a school day, so we indulged in nothing more than some present opening and some caterpillar cake eating.

Before Christmas, I hadn't really planned for him to have a party, but then 'Marco the Magician' got the nursery Christmas party gig. My boy can accurately be described as 'contrary' and it is often hard to tell how he will take to such occasions; he loved it! So that was decided: book the village hall, get the date in Marco's diary and get inviting the guests!

Naturally, I dedicated a whole Pinterest board to some rather grandiose party plans, but when it came down to it, all we needed was: a cute and practical venue; the legend himself; a real bunny rabbit (Mr Marmite, if you please); super-helpful grandparents; copious amounts of beige food; brilliant guests and the birthday boy himself!

If you helped us celebrate, then THANK YOU for schlepping out to 'the sticks': we hope you had a magical time too!

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