24 May 2015

The first week...

As we rapidly approach Delphi's two week birthday, I am acutely aware that the 'newborn' phase is beyond brief: blink and you miss it. The halcyon days of baby being asleep more than they are awake and being small enough to nestle vertically in the crook of your arm, are fleeting to say the least. This evening, I have washed and dried all of her newborn sleep suits and put them away as her tiny toes are already at the end. *weeps*

Some reflections on our first week as a family of four. And yes, it does feel like she's always been here.

A very early picture. All I can think is: crusty.

Box-fresh newborns sleep a lot. Delphi couldn't be bothered to wake for anything, including to be fed...

Proud grandparents. My parents were travelling down anyway on the day Delphi was born. I phoned them at 6.30am to tell them they had a new grandchild. I was very confused by the fact they were driving through Birmingham; I was off my face - see previous post.

Discharged from hospital on the evening of Delphi's birthday.


It was my choice to stay at Crowborough Birthing Centre for two nights of post-natal care. It was sort of like a spa mini-break, minus the facials and pedicures. I had a lot of hot baths, hot cups of tea and hot dinners. I thought I had established feeding. This was the moment Dexter first met his baby sister*
*realised that her crib contained a pile of gifts for him. Who knew babies had the capacity to buy toy dumper trucks from Amazon?

Second time around, I was really keen to be at home.

My face is the accurate reflection of how Dexter has taken to his baby sister...

Another grandparent visit - Nanna Veronica this time: plus another dumper truck...
Then on Saturday, things went downhill. My (lack of) milk wasn't enough for darling Delphi who was already proving to be as laid back/lazy as her brother when it came to feeding. A 14% loss in birth weight meant she was running on empty. By the time we'd decided to crank up the steriliser and give her a bottle, she was too weak to take it. At 9pm on Saturday 16th May, Delphi and I were back at the hospital for an overnight stay. She received the best care. I cried - a lot - but actually got some sleep in between the three hourly monitoring. We were discharged at 5pm the next day. Mr Cameron, please look after our wonderful NHS.

On Delphi's actual due date (18th May) we took a family trip to Pizza Express. It took us an hour to leave the house. I insisted on Team Wayne coordinating with the staff #stripes

A week old: a visit from Hannah and Little Miss Molly, aged 16 weeks. Ocular proof that babies grow, change and develop the most in the first two years of their lives. This photo cracks me up - one for their 18th birthday...

Maternity leave = coffee and cake.

Actually blowing kisses*

What a week. Thank you for all of the lovely messages, cards and gifts. Am finally getting round to draining a bank holiday bottle of pink fizz... Cheers!

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