3 Jan 2014

Project Breakfast on the road...

As a family, Team Wayne struggles to get out of the house before midday on a non-work day. I blame two things: every member of the family's complete love affair with sleep; Mr W's lengthy morning shower routine - most of which is spent cleaning the shower.

Some mornings require an early exit from the house - usually for the most banal of reasons. This was the case this morning, as my car was due its MOT: dullsville. Back in Uckfield for 9.30am, we took Project Breakfast on the road. Dexter was still in his pyjamas (I had changed his nappy) and today's promised bad weather had been given an early morning blue-sky reprieve.

We therefore whiled away an hour or so in the desirable window-seat of 'Hartfields' on the high street. A cute caff with produce on sale too, it does wonderfully strong coffee, offers a selection of cakes and as it turns out, does a pretty mean breakfast too.

This isn't a sponsored post; I think local high streets are an important part of a local community. We should support them, particularly when customer satisfaction is a priority. And we left Hartfields as very satisfied (and full) customers.

Let's just hope my car passes its MOT...

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