2 Jan 2014

Christmas: the Wayne way.


Christmas Eve with lovely friends and mince pies a-plenty.

Lovely friends' lovely playroom: trains have been a definite theme this festive tide.

As we were hosting this year, 'the box' had to look pretty, including for Christmas Day breakfast. Beautiful hand-made runner and napkins courtesy of my talented friend, Jo.

I've been big on twinkly light and festive smells this year.

Christmas Day always starts with: 'Has he been?!'

More trains. More tracks.

Who knew the gift of a pony-print onesie would be so gratefully received?

More great transport-themed gifts, courtesy of one of Dexter's best friends: Becka.

My 6pm rule goes out of the window in the Christmas holidays: fizz for breakfast!

It was lovely for Dexter to have quality time with his grandparents.

I cooked. I prepped for DAYS. It was bloody good. *takes a bow*

Best clothes and party hats for Christmas dinner!

There were five types of veg: daily recommendation in one meal.

'Selfie': word of the year in 2013.

Boxing Day brought beautiful blue skies after a number of wild storms.

Boxing Day also brought Dexter's other set of grandparents and Christmas dinner, part deux.

Their gift was this fab teepee. Dexter's favourite new thing is to snuggle in there with plenty of cushions and the iPad with 'Peppa Pig' on loop. Home cinema, toddler style.

His uncle and aunt gave Dexter this magnificent pirate ship. The weather for most of the holidays has been as wet, windy and choppy as a pirate-infested ocean, but aside from the odd bout of cabin fever, we've all had a blast. Hope you did too.

Happy New Year!


  1. Loving the pony print onesie!! Happy New Year looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  2. Thank you, Fatima! Same to you! x


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