4 Nov 2013

Living in a box

As a self-confessed 'blog-junkie', I guess if I had to pin down what I like to read about, and, more significantly, look at pictures of, it's home interiors. I cannot get enough.

I have a long-standing love of nosing at beautiful surroundings. I recall poring over the Ikea catalogue as a teenager; in fact, as a fully-fledged adult, I still love to hang out in the mocked-up apartments in the Swedish warehouse of flat-pack dreams I've bought 'Living etc' for years and was thrilled to receive a subscription for my birthday this year. My Pinterest boards are largely interiors based.

My taste is entirely aspirational.

In April this year, we moved from a two bedroom flat in a converted Victorian house in Brighton to a three storey, four bedroom, brand spanking-new 'new-build box' on the edge of a village in East Sussex.

Through my rose-tinted glasses, I now live 'in the country' in a Scandi-esque, modern piece of architecture. With my actual prescription lenses on (which I increasingly need as I get older), I live on a housing development/estate amongst lots of very similar looking houses in a home that has no quirky features: living in a box.

I thought I would share snippets of how we're trying to stamp some character and style on what is a completely blank (and beige) canvas. My ideas will undoubtedly have been inspired (copied) from somewhere else, and my iPhone photographs won't hold the same seductive appeal of the professional designers, bloggers and stylists I love, but heh, I like our home and I'm enjoying bringing it to life. Perhaps you'll be interested in observing the process...

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