15 Nov 2013

Work space

This is where I spend four days a week. I am incredibly lucky; I love my job as a secondary school English teacher. This year, I feel even more fortunate. For the first time in my thirteen and a bit years of teaching, I have a day off. It falls on a Wednesday, so it's a total luxury to work for two days at a time. We don't know how long this will work for both the school's timetable and our finances, but for now, I'm loving it!
I get to spend more time with my boy and a much better sense of work-life balance. It is also allowing me the time and head space to be a little more self-indulgent, hence falling back in love with blogging.
Perhaps I'm getting ideas above my station, but I'm craving a real workspace of my own. My classroom workspace is a semi-organised and yet slightly cluttered place of technology, too many wires and the obvious need to have functional notice boards, displays and classroom equipment. I'm considering giving it a makeover which naturally, I'll document on here.
We're really lucky to have a room to call a study in 'the box'. It's the fourth bedroom and very much a 'box room'. Mr W is the techy expert in this house so the study is his territory, especially as he works from home once a week. Don't get me wrong, I like what we've done with the space. The French Tintin prints are a new addition and a sweet link with the vintage comics in Dexter's playroom. I love the Bisley orange filing cabinet; it's a zingy twist on traditional office grey.

I just can't help thinking I'd like to work somewhere prettier and hence have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to my workspace dreams.
The reality is, there isn't room in 'the box' for me to have my own study. I may have to be creative with commandeering a corner of my own, even if it's just an attractive mood board tucked away. In the meantime, I could always dream big and dream pretty in my classroom...

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