1 Nov 2013

Project Breakfast

Whilst I cannot function in the morning until I've had a cup of tea, I really struggle with breakfast. Given my workday alarm goes off at 6am (I press 'snooze' until 6.30am, obviously), and at the weekend, a toddler in the house means that 8am is a lie-in, I'm just not hungry first thing. However, I do know how important breakfast is - check out Dexter with his cousins: he's the king of breakfasting. I think I need to take a lead from my son.

Part of the problem is I don't find your typical breakfast fodder all that inspiring: most cereal feels like eating pet food; toast is well, 'meh' and do I really have time to cook before it's even got light?

I thought I would start 'Project Breakfast'. I'm going to try at least once a week to break out of my breakfast boredom and try something new. It doesn't have to be something complicated, although I'll undoubtedly be looking to Pinterest for some inspiration. I'd welcome any favourite suggestions or recommendations, and I'll try to do some documenting on here, but it probably won't be as compelling as this lady - check out the 2012 archive.

Perhaps I'll start tomorrow. We need to do a food shop, so it would add to the challenge having to work with the dwindling contents of the fridge.

I'll see you in the morning in the kitchen...


  1. Katy! Have you tried Nakd bars? They are pretty weird looking but made 100% naturally from raw dates and cashews with a 'hint' of natural flavouring. I'm slowly going off breakfast and losing enthusiasm, mainly because of the amount of sugar and scary chemicals in cereals and the idea of bread first thing on a morning is too much. However these little things are satisfying, quick, don't bloat you up and keep me going til 10.30 when I kick the kids out onto the playground (metaphorically, of course). You can get them individually in a supermarket or in packs of 4. Let me know if you try them! Remember - weird but good. Ana x

  2. Hi Ana, thanks for the suggestion. I'm still really struggling to eat anything in the week until I get to school, so will give these a whirl as they sound useful to have in my desk drawer! Happy New Year to you. Hope all is well. x


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