2 Nov 2013

Savoury Saturday Muffins

Saturday seemed like a good day to start 'Project Breakfast': no early morning alarm and no urgency to be anywhere. The downside to Saturday morning kitchen experimentation soon became clear this morning when there was hardly any food left in the fridge.

With a bit of imagination, some improvising and some checking of 'best before' dates, I managed to create 'Savoury Saturday Muffins'. They are a variation on 'Egg Parcels' from The River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook, but the addition of potatoes makes them a little more substantial, and the use of a regular onion lends them a more savoury kick.

They were super simple and required: olive oil, an onion, some cold cooked new potatoes, 3 eggs, a knob of butter, a splash of whole milk, some shredded smoked salmon, chives from the garden and the dregs of a packet of grated mozzarella. They looked a little like mini frittatas and would be equally tasty hot or cold. I didn't even eat them with ketchup - almost unheard of for me. Project Breakfast is off to a flying start!

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