10 Nov 2013

Personalising your space

A new-build box with little character needs to feel like it belongs to someone - like it's a home and part of the family. I've always been a fan of fonts, lettering and names appearing in interiors and it's a really easy way to personalise a space.

Having an almost three year old at home is the perfect excuse to display his name, notably in his room. Dexter's nursery staff tell me that he's been able to recognise his name from amongst others for quite a while now, and I swear it's partly as a result of seeing it displayed at home - that and the fact it has an x in it.

The name Rye is also pretty special at Wayne Towers. It's where Mr W and I got married, features in the title of one of my favourite novels, and it's Dexter's middle name (it was so nearly his first).

The cute onesie below declaring that my son does indeed rock, was a new baby gift from a dear friend and is one of the very few items of clothing that hasn't been passed on to a younger child.

The letters in Dexter's room were bought, whilst I was on maternity leave, from a shop in Brighton called Mamissima. They weren't cheap and I remember the shop owner expressing surprise at the fact I bought the whole name when most customers only purchase the initials. My maternity pay didn't last long...

I'm a huge fan of the massively talented Rob Ryan. The print below is on the wall in our bedroom and was my anniversary gift this year to Mr W. It's actually a tea towel and it was hard to find a frame to fit its slightly peculiar size. The frame we chose actually cuts off most of the beautiful Rye skyline at the bottom, but I just love the words, so for now, it's staying; I hope it feels at home.

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