11 Nov 2013

Seeking inspiration...

I love Pinterest! It's totally addictive, stress-free, wonderfully visual and utterly inspiring. My boards largely focus on interiors, with the odd bit of food, fashion and four-legged beasties thrown in for good measure.

It is such a useful resource for any sort of project, and my 'Blank Canvas' board was a soothing and welcome distraction from the actual stress of a house move, although it remained 'secret' until we completed as I didn't want to jinx the move!

One of the first rooms I was keen to tackle in our new home was the guest room. It is such a luxury to have a double room where family and friends can stay without any sort of chaotic sleeping rearrangements. Plus, it's on a separate floor to our room, but the same floor as the toddler, so any late night wake-ups, well...

The look I went for was completely and shamelessly copied from a pin I found on Pinterest. I think it is a room in the stylish Selina Lake's house, and whilst I haven't gone all out like-for-like, I'm sure you can see the resemblance. I was particularly won-over by the idea of a plain white duvet cover with mismatching pillow cases; I never would have thought of this myself.

My favourite things are: the 1970s quilt from the wonderful Winter's Moon; the Ed Carpenter Pigeon Light from Adobe in Brighton; the 'Love' print from Dandy Star. I really enjoyed 'sourcing' the products I had seen in the original picture. Check out my 'Best for Guests' board for some other ideas I may include.

The bed from Habitat was purchased after we moved; it's super comfy and weighs a tonne!

This room still isn't quite finished. It's another room that still has a bare light bulb! It also tends to be a bit of a dumping ground for bits and bobs that are yet to find a home. I'd really like some vintage wall hooks for guests to hang the contents of their overnight bags on.

Might just have to check out Pinterest for some further 'Pinspiration'...

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