12 Nov 2013

Tasteful Toddlers

Style and small people don't always work together. So much kit and caboodle for babies and toddlers has to be functional and hard wearing which sometimes can lead to compromising on aesthetics. And sometimes, product designers seem confined to pink, blue and character-based designs.

I would say that for me, building 'a look' around having a baby boy and subsequently rambunctious toddler has been most influenced by the online world.

When pregnant, it took me a while to find my style mojo for dressing both my baby and his environment. All those broken nights and lengthy feeds opened up the world of Twitter and blogs to me. Discovering Poppy Norton's Baby Style File was a real result; it's a visual treat, and a pertinent reminder that having a baby in the house needn't mean Disney, teddy bears and sky blue colour palettes.

Dexter's fortunate enough to have two rooms in 'the box': a small playroom on the front of the house on the ground floor, and a sizeable bedroom with a lovely view of the 'meadow' (patch of land they're not going to build on) opposite. His bedroom was one of the first rooms to be sorted to help him adjust to the move, although he did have large cardboard boxes piled on top of each other in the window instead of a blind, for a number of weeks! As with the rest of the house, there's no real 'theme' to either room.

The playroom is still in need of some additional low-level storage and window dressing; a trip to Ikea beckons. Again though, we've tried to mix old and new. I love the vintage two-seater lidded desk and French school chair which I bought from an antiques shop in Lewes. There's some fabulous bunting and matching reading cushion made by my very talented friend, Jo, from a lovely cowboy-themed fabric.

In both the bedroom and the playroom, we've gone for the Pinterest favourite: Ribba picture shelves from Ikea as bookshelves. The playroom shelves are home to my brother-in-law's collection of 35 year old Tintin comics which make for original and instant wall art. The playroom actually looks more appealing when, well, it's actually being played in. The boy's bedroom tends to retain more style when it's tidy!

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