1 Nov 2013

Pop the kettle on...

There's something very good for the soul contained in a hot drink. Whether it be treacle-coloured tea, the 'northern way' (spoon standing up); a super-frothy, chocolate-covered cappuccino; freshly-poured fruity or herbal goodness; or a simple hot water and fresh lemon in a favourite mug.

With Winter waving its icy fingers behind Autumn's 'Technicolor' face, there's never been a better time to reacquaint yourself with the kettle and become territorial over your preferred china or earthenware.

Wrapping tired and cold hands around a cup of liquid warmth is both comforting and a gentle reminder - to hydrate, to socialise or to slow down.

My own drink of choice? I'm a northerner, so tea of course... but I do love a frothy latte, find a freshly poured ginger tea both warm and refreshing, and in times of real thirst, will down a hot water over chilled H2O every time.

It's perhaps fitting that my musings over mug contents form this, my first blog post of my new blog. If I'm trying to establish an ethos, it's that ten minutes out of life with the kettle on, feet up and some frothy pictures and warming words, might just be a relaxing/inspiring/enjoyable way to pass some time.

What are you waiting for? Pop the kettle on...

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