14 Nov 2013

Tree Love

I have a major crush at the moment; my Instagram feed seems to be featuring it quite regularly. Trees. There's something about this time of year that renders these wonders of nature quite magical. When they're not flouncing their branches in the best colours imaginable(always borrow from nature if you want to know if a colour combination works), they're stretching bare skeletal branches against early winter skies like some spindly goddess.

Perhaps it's the very beautiful rural setting of the school I work at, or the joys of living on the fringes of Ashdown Forest, but I'm in danger of becoming a tree-hugging hippy!

My favourite tree-based view? That from Dexter's bedroom window in 'the box'. He's right up at the top of the house, on the front. The developers have deliberately left a patch of land right opposite our house totally undeveloped and free of houses. It's rather romantically referred to as 'the meadow' and only gets mowed once a year. It showcases the changing seasons and judging by the totally unfiltered iPhone snap below, taken by me hanging out of the boy's bedroom window, now is its time!

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